Are you interested in joining the Euclides network?

1. Any member wishing to propose a university as a new member for the network should send the request to all other members.

2. Any university wishing to be included in the network can contact the Euclides network coordinator Mrs Chris Huybrechts and ask to be introduced.  In order to be considered, the prospective university must offer a degree equivalent to at least the Bachelor level.

3. No more than 5 members from the same country of origin will be accepted in the network.

4. Once all Euclides members have given their consent for a new member to join the network, the new member needs to sign a letter of intent.

5. Any member who does not participate in the activities of the network (minimum annual meetings) for a consecutive period of 2 years will be excluded from the network without further notice.

Euclides is a non-membership organisation. Once a member, the organisation can participate in the activities of the network.